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Enjoy a media-rich, visually stimulating experience.
Aglaia Software Inc. is one of the World's leading providers of digital publishing software, creating realistic page flipping digital publications. Our company consists of a highly talented and experienced team of software designers, software developers, service professionals, and marketing experts. Leading the Industry in Software Development, our skilled executive directors focus on developing, creating, and implementing the most advanced, yet “user-friendly” digital publication software Services.

Our aim is to provide our clients with unparalleled customer service while providing the most advanced digital publishing software. Our commitment is to continue to lead the research, and develop our software that it will always meet the latest technology standards.

We make your vision a reality by creating Online and Offline customized digital publications. We provide you with the capabilities of incorporating your personalized logo and Welcome Page, placing your Background Image and Customized Background Music, embedding Unlimited Video and Audio links, while offering you exclusive features such as Page Translation into different languages, Analytical Statistics, SEO, and so many other advanced features. We will also help with custom client needs by creating exclusive features.

Aglaia Software Inc. headquarters are located in Calabasas, California (USA) and has been proudly providing clients around the world with cutting edge digital publication software since 2004.

At Aglaia, we firmly believe that our Customer Service and Support, is as important as the products and services that we offer. Our focus is providing our Worldwide Clients with the highest level of services and LIVE support.

Our goal is to improve the field of digital publishing by creating a better, more complete product, to view digital editions on and off line. To give our clients FULL control of their publications, at the most cost effective manner.

At Aglaia Software our diverse team all share one vision: Providing the best and most complete solution to all your digital publishing needs.

We provide our clients with products that reduce their costs while simultaneously expanding the reach and effectiveness of their materials. In doing so, the readers of our digital editions enjoy a media-rich, visually stimulating experience that causes them to return to our publishers time and time again.

Here at Aglaia Software, Inc. we also feel extremely lucky to be in the business of helping our customers be more environmentally friendly, by utilizing our technology and minimizing their carbon imprint. We believe in doing our part to help make the earth be a greener place - one publication at a time.





















About IHDP
What is IHDP?
What is IHDP?

IHDP is a lifetime license software solution for the design and implementation of online digital flip page publications. IHDP Page Flip Software will convert your publications into dynamic digital editions with the look and feel of your original document. You will be able to utilize our cutting edge technology to easily create, upload, and host digital publications by yourself, in minutes. IHDP provides you the tools you need to capture the attention of your audience. With you in control, our simple point and click application, featuring our new "EZ-View" Software interface, will allow you to process an unlimited number of digital editions and incur no more service fees, page minimums, editing fees or hidden costs.

Your audience will use their web browser, their ipad, iphone, Blackberry or Droid to navigate each beautifully inspired interactive digital publication. They will flip through each digital page, click numerous hyperlinks to perhaps visit advertiser websites, zoom in and out with our infinite zoom; they will print, download, email, share the digital edition using their favorite social network site, view flash animation, check out videos, listen to audio, even add notes and bookmarks, and so much more all at the click of a button.

IHDP Page Flip Software installs directly onto your computer. From there you will be able to manage your entire digital publication library In-House. Download the free 30 day trial and let IHDP work for you.


What sets IHDP apart?
What sets IHDP apart?

IHDP is a leader in this industry. We are a US based corporation with our main office in California and we have designed and developed all of our technology in house. Our software incorporates cutting edge technology including a sophisticated flex based framework in addition to being iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry compatible as a web based solution. IHDP includes numerous standard features and is a showcase for all the exciting and dynamic tools that make digital editions interactive such as audio, video, flash animation, embedded hyperlinks, and full custom branding.

Customer satisfaction is number one with IHDP, as is creating a multi-dimensional application that can support our clients' vision for many years to come. We are ready anytime to offer support, consultation, and are dedicated to a simple understanding and easy client implementation of IHDP digital publication software.

Who is IHDP for?
Who is IHDP for?

IHDP is for anyone that wants to convert their ready for print pdf file into a dynamic and interactive online digital publication.IHDP supports high resolution files and there is no page limit.

Whether you are a large publisher, a small manufacturing business, a school or university, or a chamber of commerce, IHDP provides a wonderful solution for the internet dissemination of any collateral you create


IHDP is a leader in this industry. We are a US based corporation with our main office in California and we have designed and developed all of our technology in house. Customer satisfaction is number one with us, as is creating a multi-dimensional application that can support our clients' vision for many years to come.

We use the latest technology and have been committed to implementing all the features that our clients need, want, and request. We are ready anytime to offer support, and keep everything we do transparent and easy for simple understanding and client implementation.

Who is using IHDP?
Who is using IHDP?

IHDP Clients

What are the benefits of IHDP?
What are the benefits of IHDP?

IHDP Software is flexible and easy to use, provides full creative control, and produces dynamic and interactive digital editions. By being in full control with IHDP Software, you just point and click with no lost time waiting for someone else during the creation of your digital edition or your upload. IHDP Software also allows you to fully customize and brand each digital edition. In addition, if there are changes that need to be made, you will be able to make them faster and more efficiently because you are in control.

With IHDP Software you will be able to reach a wider audience than ever before. Since your digital edition will essentially be a unique URL that you are hosting, you will be able to send this link or post this link virtually anytime and anywhere. It can be embedded on your website, sent via email, posted on Facebook or Twitter, the ways you will be able to share you digital edition are virtually endless. With IHDP Software you are partnering with a company that is committed to continual research and development. We strive daily to add new features and make improvements to our powerful digital publication software.

More benefits:
Feature Loaded One Time Out of Pocket Expense
Unlimited PublishingCapture Analytics
Social Media IntegrationEnvironmentally Friendly
Save on Printing and Marketing CostsNo Hosting Fee
No Monthly Service Fee Free Technical Support and Upgrades For One Year