City of Brampton
Brampton, ON Canada
"Inhouse Digital has been a pleasure to work with. The City of Brampton needed a customized digital solution for publications and In house went out of their way to fulfill our needs. The IHDP software creates attractive, interactive and user friendly publications for our users to enjoy! Thank you IHDP!"

John McConomy
Manager - New Media Unit, Sait Polytechnic, Canada
"SAIT Polytechnic publishes hundreds of PDF documents on our website every year. Sometimes the really important messages need that little bit of something extra to get noticed ... this is where we started investigating page flip type software.
We quickly learned that it was very difficult to a find feature rich, yet cost effective piece of software. That is until we came across the IHDP solution. IHDP software gave us everything we needed: Custom branding, print page and email functions, sharing with social media, thumbnail viewing, notes... the list goes on. All these features at a price any school could afford.

The software was easy to use and we had our first flipbook published within the hour. One of the most important things is that we own the software. We can publish until the cows come home and we don't pay any further fees.

Love the product and the service. Would recommend this product to anyone looking to publish PDF's online. Anyone - except out competitors!"

Kenneth Leonard
Vice President, Chamber Publishing Group
"I have worked very closely with Mark and his team at In House Digital Publishing. For the past two years, we have had a lot of our print publications converted over to a digital format. They are all very helpful and their technical support is excellent. I would highly recommend their software to anyone interested in converting print to digital."

Paul Noah
Publisher, Dayton City Paper - Ohio
"I wish to thank you for your exemplary customer service. I'm not used to this kind of attention from any company these days. You clearly stand behind your product. In our case, we had some very unique needs specific to your Digital Magazine / Newspaper product. Your guidance helped us perfectly."

David Matthew Jones
Library Technology, Nashville Public Library, Nashville TN
"In House Digital Publishing is easy to install, easy to learn, easy to use. You can put a new face on your organizations publications in no time. Now patrons don't just look at our catalog, they interact with it!"

Luke Vorstermans
CEO Main Street Magazines Ltd, Canada
"We have reviewed -- and continue to review -- flip page software programs to ensure we have the very best solution for our publishing needs. InHouse Digital Publishing has always come out on top in our due diligence. An excellent product with a clean interface at a very affordable price."

Michael Hodgson
Active Interest Media trade division president, SNEWS®
"We had tried various flip magazine software programs, including subscription-based, and software purchase. Once we used IHDP's software solution we knew we had arrived at the perfect, cost-effective, feature-laden, page flip software solution for all of our digital publications.
Out of the box it is easy to use, and with the custom-branding feature, we are able to quickly create uniquely designed digital flip magazines templates for all of our projects that carry full SNEWS branding...very valuable and important.
Love the product and would highly recommend it to any company needing a digital publishing solution for flip page generation."

Gwen Pain
San Antonio, Texas
"As nothing more than an amateur in the publishing world, but in charge of designing and publishing our neighborhood newsletter, I highly recommend this product. IHDP has developed an easy and user friendly software program to create professional looking publications. Mark and the technical staff are also there to support you every step of the way, even well after the sale. Having been a flip page subscriber, it is much better to be able to convert your work on your own and not be chained to the subscription company's parameters for the publication. Definitely the way to go in the new electronic publishing media world!"

Mark Murphy
Sr. Art Director, Eleme Medical
"I test-drove a number of e-book providers but none could compare to the combined quality and affordability that InHouse Digital Publishing offers. The IHDP e-book software features a user-friendly interface that gives my brochures a dynamic on-line presence. Eleme Medical has put all of its brochures and white-papers on line and they serve as a wonderful sales tool. The customer service that Inhouse Digital offers is fantastic too!"

Kevin Hankins
Assistant Director of Technology, Indiana High School Athletic Association
"IHDP has provided a great experience for us. The software is easy enough for our staff to use that I don't need an IT professional to manage it. Five minutes of training and they were up and running. We looked at several other software packages that were limited by number of uses AND were more expensive, and I believe we got the most value from our investment here. Customer service is great, and the finished product is really beautiful!"

Jonathan Frazier
IT Manager, Purple Heart Services, Inc., Home of the Veterans Vocational Technical Institute
"InHouse Digital Publishing from Aglaia Software has been an invaluable tool. From training aids for disabled veterans to publishing newsletters for donors and a host of internal communication and documentation, we are marketing our organization in ways never before thought possible. In addition, our students are finding our training material easier to read and understand."

Bob Watson
Publisher, Watson Publications - Oregon
"Mark - just a note to thank you and let you know how pleased I am with In House Digital Publishing. As you are aware, I had been searching for several months for an online "flip book" provider and IHDP fit the bill perfectly with your digital software. The fact that I own the software and control the process is a huge plus.
Your taking me by the hand and walking me through from start to finish with your helpful tutorials to create my own digital publication was wonderful. You have helped me with questions and tweaks along the way for which I am grateful. Your professionalism, suggestions and great product speaks for itself!
I highly recommend In House Digital Publishing to anyone seeking to accomplish the same goal. Thanks, my friend!"

Prepress Supervisor, Maracle Press Ltd.
"In this changing world of technology we as commercial printers find ourselves looking outside the box for ways to benefit our clients.In doing so there is a need to find companies to partner with.

Programming is only part of this equation, we must find service and loyalty as well, there is always many choices for us as customers. I am glad to say to anyone looking at IHDP that they have become one of or partners.

IHDP has made this experience painless and exemplified a true want to help.As an IT manager I felt comfortable with Mark Garland and the rest of the staff. The quick resolutions to any issues and the readily available knowledge.

I recommend "In House Digital Publishing" product to anyone for service and quality, best regards"

Victoria Go
General Manager, Go Beyond Consulting, Oak Ridges, ON L4E 4Z7, Canada
"Since we started using IHDP software to create eZine's for our clients, we have received tremendous positive feedback from our clients and their readers. We started using the software with great anticipation but after a few months of usage we were amazed by how easy it is to create the eZine and has undoubtedly became one of our main production tool.

We owe our success not only to the software but to their support team, especially Mark Garland, who spent countless hours helping us get started and answering our "stupid" questions without giving up on us.

Thanks Mark for the product and your great support."

Mark Schenthal, ACE,IOM
Vice President Marketing/Communications - Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
"IHDP is a great enhancement to our publications. Since we launched IHDP, we have seen a huge increase in advertisers and that means REVENUE. Advertisers think it is 'awesome' due to the fact they get a direct link to their site or email address as well as being seen both hard and soft copies. Our members enjoy the ability to click on links from the ads, web and email addresses in articles and hot links to Chamber events. And the coolest part of it all...it's easy to use."

Marco Pozzobon
Travel Information Network, Ontario Canada
"We have found In House Digital Publishing to be very impressive. With our large production volume, our even larger library, and the fact that the technology stays current, we chose IHDP. We can convert any number of pdf files, make changes in real time, all using this simple software. When we needed some customization, IHDP was there to help. We have also found their customer service to be reliable. The cost is immensely reasonable, and the value is extraordinary. We are quite pleased that we found IHDP to assis us with our digital publishing needs and we would recommend this software to anyone."

Annette Zimmer
Corporate Coordinator, Erie St. Clair Community Care Access Centre
"The flip book software is fabulous. Once we figured out how to work around our own internal issues it works beautifully. Our Board members love the virtual look and feel of the application as well."

Roland Davies
Thoroughbred Advertising, Oxted, Surrey UK
"We cannot fault the new version of IHDP software or support, we've found the software to be very intuitive, easy to use and very quick to process the files.
It's been a perfect solution for us, as we had been looking for a software which produced an online interactive publication which we could host on our own servers"

Jarrett Horne
EP Graphics - Indianapolis, Indiana
"In House Digital Publishing has truly made it easy and seamless to integrate a quality digital magazine/catalog product for our print clients. This has given us a add service that goes beyond just print and keeps us on the cutting edge of technology and service. Between this fact and InHouse's customer service and peace of mind, its a no brainer!"

Debbie Bracewell AL
Entirely Cheer
"InHouse Digital Publishing from Aglaia Software is easy to use and meets our needs wonderfully! The support team is quick to answer a question and offer help. Our readers are amazed by the flip-page magazine we have published."

Richard Gillmeister
InsureAd - Advertising Agency
"When researching the various options to produce digital editions of print directories, my main objectives were a service that was reasonably priced, easy-to-use, and could handle large numbers of pages. After ruling out the pay-by-the-page services (the directories are hundreds or pages), and testing numerous flat-rate services - which offered limited options or could not handle the page count - I thankfully found In-House Digital Publishing (IHDP).

When using the test version of IHDP, the first and possibly most impressive feature was the customer service. The response time to any question, and I had many, was immediate. It was very reassuring that such a high-level of customer support was present even before purchasing the product.

The product itself is fast, easy-to-use, and very reasonably priced (just a one-time fee), and the service and support is unbeatable. Needles to say, I highly recommend IHDP."

Jacki Reed TN
"Working with Mark Garland, IHDP over the last several months has been so different and invigorating. I've learned that there are companies out there who DO pride themselves on service and don't UP the ante to the client. Mark Garland and the rest of the IHDP team not only provided excellent customer service & answered ALL of my questions in a very timely manner but they were also very patient with me, helped me along the way and even re-composed some of their product to fit my companies needs and did not ask for a penny more than their advertised price. I have nothing but excellent things to say about Mark and the rest of his colleagues. They've made my job so much easier!"

Kazuko Grace
Santa Monica, CA
"In House Digital Publishing was very easy to use and has a lot of neat features. I needed a software to create all my digital editions and I wanted to be able to host them myself. The customer service was very personal and they always found time for me and my technical questions. I am so glad that I found In House digital Publishing! "





















A propos de IHDP
Qu'est-ce que IHDP?
Qu'est-ce que IHDP?

IHDP est une solution logicielle avec licence à vie pour la conception et la mise en œuvre de publications en ligne numérique de pages tournantes. Le logiciel de pages tournantes IHDP convertira vos publications dans des éditions numériques dynamiques avec l'aspect de votre document original. Vous serez en mesure d'utiliser notre technologie de pointe pour créer, télécharger et héberger des publications numériques vous-même, en quelques minutes. IHDP vous fournit les outils dont vous avez besoin pour capter l'attention de votre auditoire. Avec vous dans la lutte, notre application simple, avec notre nouvelle interface du logiciel "EZ-View", vous permettra de traiter un nombre illimité d'éditions numériques et de ne subir plus de frais de service, de nombre minimal de pages, de frais d'édition ou de coûts cachés.

Votre visiteurs se serveront de leur navigateur web, leur IPAD, iPhone, Blackberry ou Droid pour naviguer chaque publication interactive numérique magnifiquement inspirée. Ils parcouriront chaque page numérique, cliqueront sur de nombreux hyperliens et peut-être visiteront les sites Web des annonceurs, zoom avant et arrière avec notre zoom infini; ils imprimeront, téléchargeront, envoyeront e-mail, partageront l'édition numérique à l'aide de leur site de réseau social préféré, verront animation flash, consulteront des vidéos, écouteront des fichiers audio, même ajouter des notes et des signets, et bien plus encore tous par un simple clic sur un bouton.

Le logiciel de pages tournantes IHDP s'installe directement sur votre ordinateur. De là, vous serez en mesure de gérer toute votre bibliothèque numérique de publications internes. Téléchargez gratuitement l'essai de 30 jours et laissez IHDP travailler pour vous.


Comment se distingue IHDP?
Comment se distingue IHDP?

IHDP est un chef de file dans cette industrie. Nous sommes une société américaine avec notre bureau principal en Californie et nous avons conçu et développé l'ensemble de nos technologies internes. Notre logiciel intègre une technologie de pointe, y compris un cadre sophistiqué à base de flex, en plus d'être compatible avec iPhone, iPad, et Blackberry comme une solution Web. IHDP comporte de nombreuses caractéristiques standardisées et est une vitrine pour tous les outils performants et dynamiques qui font les éditions numériques interactives tels que audio, vidéo, animation flash, liens hypertexte integré, et de marque sur mesure.

La satisfaction du client et la création d'une application multi-dimensionnel qui peut soutenir la vision de nos clients depuis de nombreuses années à venir se situent les premières sur la liste d'IHDP . Nous sommes prêts à tout moment d'offrir une assistance, de consultation, et sommes dédiés à une compréhension simple et la mise en œuvre d'un logiciel IHDP pour nos clients et la publication numérique.

A qui s'addresse IHDP?
A qui s'addresse IHDP?

IHDP s'adresse à toute personne qui veut convertir leurs prêts à imprimer fichiers PDF dans une publication numérique dynamique et intéractive en ligne. IHDP est compatible avec les fichiers de haute résolution et il n'y a pas un nombre de pages fixé.

Que vous soyez un grand éditeur, une petite entreprise, une école ou une université ou une chambre de commerce, IHDP fournit une solution merveilleuse pour la diffusion sur Internet de toute garantie que vous créez

Pourquoi IHDP?

IHDP est un chef de file dans cette industrie. Nous sommes une société américaine avec notre bureau principal en Californie et nous avons conçu et développé l'ensemble de nos technologies internes. La satisfaction du client ainsi que la création d'une application multi-dimensionnelle qui peut soutenir la vision de nos clients au cours de nombreuses années à venir se situent les premières sur notre liste.

Nous utilisons les dernières technologies et sommes engagés à mettre en œuvre toutes les fonctionnalités que nos clients ont besoin, veulent, et demandent. Nous sommes prêts à tout moment d'offrir une assistance, et maintenons la transparence et la simplicité de tout ce que nous faisons pour être facile à comprendre et simple à être mise en oeuvre.

Qui utilise IHDP?
Qui utilise IHDP?

IHDP Clients

Quels sont les avantages de l'IHDP?
Quels sont les avantages de l'IHDP?

Logiciel IHDP est flexible et facile à utiliser, offre un contrôle créatif total, et produit des éditions numériques dynamiques et interactives. En étant en contrôle total avec le logiciel IHDP, il vous suffit d'indiquer et de cliquer sans de temps perdu à l'attente d'une autre personne pendant la création de votre édition numérique ou de votre téléchargement. Le logiciel IHDP vous permet également d'entièrement personnaliser et de marquer chaque édition numérique. En outre, s'il ya des changements qui doivent être faites, vous serez en mesure de les rendre plus rapides et plus efficaces parce que vous êtes en contrôle.

Avec le logiciel IHDP vous serez en mesure d'atteindre un public plus large que jamais. Puisque votre édition numérique sera essentiellement un URL unique que vous hôtez, vous serez en mesure d'envoyer ce lien ou poster ce lien pratiquement n'importe quand et n'importe où. Il peut être intégré sur votre site web, envoyé par courriel, posté sur Facebook ou Twitter; les modalités dont vous pourrez partager votre édition numérique sont pratiquement illimitées. Avec le logiciel IHDP vous êtes partenaires d'une société qui se consacre à la recherche et au développement continus. Nous nous efforçons tous les jours pour ajouter de nouvelles fonctionnalités et apporter des améliorations à notre puissant logiciel de publication numérique.

Plus d'avantages:
Grande capacité Paiment unique
Édition illimitéeSaisissez Analytics
Intégration des médias sociauxRespectueux de l'environnement
Economisez les frais d'impression et de la commercialisationAucun frais d'hébergement
Aucun frais de service mensuel Service d'assistance gratuit et mises à niveau pour un an