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Select your PDF

Select your PDF

Select your PDF

1. Select your PDF
To select your PDF click on the “Brows” button. Please make sure to prepare your PDF before uploading.
            You must then navigate to the folder and select the PDF that you wish to add for conversion.

Convert format as vector text

2. Convert format as vector text
There are two types of converting format, Vector Text and High resolution Image. The default converting format type is Vector Text. This generate the text quality of each page and set to 85 DPI at default. if you wish to change the quality of the text you may click on "Option" button. If your PDF contain images you may choose "High resolution images". The Image resolution controls the zoom size in pages that are created. This is set at default to 85 DPI. It varies from publication to publication and only through testing you will be able to determine the optimum setting for your publication. Note that these settings will determine the size of the digital edition and the speed at which pages are loaded. It is important that you find the right balance between the quality you are happy with versus how long a user will wait to download.

Optimize SWF

3. Optimize SWF
            Check this box to enable SWF optimizer. Flash Optimizer makes it possible to optimize SWF files by up to 60-70%.
Optimized SWF files will be smaller, please note that this option can affect the quality of your PDF file.

Import links directly from the PDF

4. Import links directly from the PDF
IHDP Software automatically extracts embedded links directly from your PDF. Uncheck this box to disable the IHDP to extract embedded links from your desired PDF file. As you noticed this box should be usually checked.

Import page labels directly prom the PDF

5. Import page labels directly prom the PDF
Check this box to enable the IHDP to extract embedded page labels from your desired PDF file.

Import your PDF

6. Import your PDF
Once you are happy that you have chosen the correct PDF file and settings. Click on the “Import” button to initiate the conversion process. Depending on the number of pages, this conversion can take a few minutes. As in the real publishing world, all pages of the main publications are the same size. If during the conversion IHDP Software notices that the pages are of different dimensions, new dialog will appear and ask you to approve the smaller page size. Smaller page size is advised as it is easier to shrink and maintain page quality than it is to enlarge and maintain page quality.
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