IHDP help

Main Menu

Main Menu


1. File
The file menu includes file management operations: Start project, Open project, Save project, Publish and Exit. 


2. Template
The template menu allows you to open a template and save the template for your next publishing. Once you have selected all settings for your digital publication (colors, background, logo,  ETC) you can save those settings for your next publishing. All you need is to click on "Save Template" and save the file on your PC. In your next publish you will be able to click on "Open Template" and all settings from your previous publication will come to view on your current edition.


3. Content
The content menu opens Multimedia and Link Manger. Allows you to add audio, video, flash and links to your digital publication.


4. Help
The help window provides this help section, software updates and information about IHDP version.
In order to check and download an updated version of IHDP software, choose  "Check for Updates". You may download the software anytime you wish. Choose "About IHDP" to view  IHDP Professional trial version number. 
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