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Main Toolbar

Main Toolbar

Create New Project

1. Create New Project
Click on " Create New Project" to create a new digital edition from a PDF and then "Select your PDF".

Open Existing Project

2. Open Existing Project
Click to open your existing project.

Save Project

3. Save Project
Click to save your project.

Open Templates

4. Open Templates
Once you click "Open Template" all settings from your previous publication (if any) will come to view in your current publication.

Save Templates

5. Save Templates
Once you have selected all settings for your digital edition (colors, background, logo, ETC ) you can save those settings for your next digital publication. Click on "Save Templates" and save the file on your PC. In your next publish you can just click on "Open Templates" and all settings from your pervious publication will come to view.

Links Manager and Multimedia

6. Links Manager and Multimedia
Allows you to add audios, videos, flash animations and links to your digital edition.


7. Preview
Click for quick pick on your digital edition. To return back to IHDP Software just close the browser window.


8. Publish
Click to publish your digital edition.
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